Underused Character: Thundra

Thundra is an a BEAST. And this picture shows it. 

Great work by Stephane  Roux 

Take this DC woman off ice: Mia Dearden


In this series I look at characters who have been “put on ice” by DC — they are alive but without any book or storyline. Previously entries are Amanda Waller, Grace Choi and Vixen.

Today, I look at Mia Dearden aka Speedy.

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This character gets an Underused character tag.. And if I had to guess why she’s gone t’s because of the Marriage between Green Arrow and Black Canary(which Gail Simone was a against). JL: Cry for Justice and the divorce of Green Arrow and Black Canary. And generally the stupidity of DC management. 

Favorite underused character.

 Ultimate Spider-Woman  

(Source: ammotu.deviantart.com)

This character has only appeared in a few issues of the Ultimate books yet has a surprisingly large amount fans. People just seem to love Ultimate Spider-Woman, Spider-Man’s Opposite Sex Clone who’s created by Doc Ock. Weird I know.